100 Day Studio: James Soane – Becoming an Architect in the Age of Climate Emergency

Day 06 of the 100 Day Studio: The LSA (London School of Architecture) has been teaching through the lens of ‘Architecture in the Age of Climate Emergency’ over the past 12 months. As the director of Critical Practice, James Soane offers insights into strategies of Deep Adaptation and the need for radical change in the way architecture and society (re)engages with our planet.

The 100 Day Studio is a new series of online lectures, interviews, building tours and panel discussions, organised by The Architecture Foundation. For 100 weekdays from Monday April 6th 2020 to Thursday August 27th 2020, the 100 Day Studio will host many of best architects and architectural thinkers in the world, broadcast live and uploaded here on this channel. The curriculum for the week ahead will be announced each Friday at architecturefoundation.org.uk/news/100-day-studio

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