Friday , May 24 2024
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13 Eco-tips????????(LISEZ MA DESCRIPTION PLS)

Traduction en Anglais/English translation
1.Use less plastic

2.Eat less meat

3.Eat less Nutella

4.Use public transport(????????????????…)

5.Take 5 minutes shower(choose a music you like,when the sound is over you have to finish your shower)

6.Use bar soap & shampoo(better for your skin & less expensive)

7.Buy a bamboo toothbrush(better for the environment)

8.Buy a wooden/bamboo hairbrush(eco friendly & better for your hair)

9.For your period use a cup or/and menstrual panties(1000x better,more confortable than pads & tampons & eco-friendly)

10.Stop using disposable cotton pads(buy washable pads or make them w/ an old t-shirt or old fabric)

11.Buy 2nd hand

12.When you leave a room,turn off the light(s)

13.When you’re cold,wear a sweater rather than turning on the heater.When you leave a room,turn off the heater.Don’t leave the heater on when the window’s open.

Climate emergency is here,we can’t stay in our comfort zone????????.We’ve to modify our habits,you ALL can do it????????????????.Thanks for watching! Pls don’t forget fo like,share,subscribe and turn on the notification bell for more videos????????.

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PS:Mon compte est privé alors stp dm moi que c’est toi qui m’a vu sur Ytb.

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