(20) Superannuation and Banks – Save the Planet by which ones you choose

The simple step of changing your Bank and Superannuation to a fund that invests in the renewable energy sector will put billions of dollars into renewables that will reduce emissions by 2030 if you act now.
– We don’t have till 2050 to reduce emissions, that is a lie a delay tactic, it will be too late then to reduce the damage done.
– We have a small window of opportunity now.
– You have control over your money, you don’t have control over the billions of dollars of tax payer money that the Government is subsidizing the carbon polluting fossil fuel industry. that is heating up the planet.
– We have tried protesting, petitions and lobbying Governments for the past 30 years to get them to take climate change seriously.
– Now we are in a Climate Emergency. We must Act Now, you are not powerless, the changes needed are simple.
– Change your superannuation fund to one that invest in 100% rewnewable energy investment
– Change to a bank that only lends money to the renewable energy sector and not the fossil fuel industry.

Save what we have left before the damage is irreversible. Make the change.
For all the data to support this presented in a comical way go to youtube channel FriendlyJordies video on KochBlocked
Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPcsx9l5eNM
Get informed, make an informed decision today. Act Now

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