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Action shots: Photographer captured different breeds of dog mid-flight in the woods


A leaping dog looks just like a fluffy cloud in this extraordinary image which captures it in mid-air.

The identity of the thick-coated pooch – from a breed of herding dogs knows as Puli – is only betrayed by the two black eyes emerging from its flying fur.

In another photo a small dog with its ears poking up is caught focusing as he hurls over a branch in woodland.

Two border collie pals are also pictured making the leap of faith together.

The images of the dogs jumping in mid-air were taken by Italian photographer Claudio Piccoli.

Claudio first got into dog photography when he was a young boy and now he specialises in getting action-packed pictures of daring dogs.

Mr Piccoli said: “With running/flying dogs, I want to catch their soul through their eyes.

“I want to show people what dogs can do with the right motivation.

“They can teach us how to live better photographing them and how it’s possible to have fun just with a run.

“I think every dog is expressing its best in the photo and it seems it’s flying fast.”

Piccoli previously snapped canine pets flying through the air like superheroes catching frisbees (Claudio Piccoli /

Mr Piccoli lives in Piverone, a small village in the North West of Italy near the mountains.

He takes pictures all around the world in several different countries including Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, UK, Israel and Finland.

He previously snapped canine pets flying through the air like superheroes catching frisbees.

He said: “It’s important to be prepared with settings on the camera and on the field so we don’t waste time with dogs since usually the first performances are the best!

“It all depends on how the owner throws the disc, how the dog jumps, flies, takes the disc and lands.

“I ask for small variations in the throws or in the positions of both to get what I think is the maximum athletic expressiveness of the dog in the air.”

Mr Piccoli has four dogs of his own.

He added: “The photo is always born only and exclusively if the dog is in the correct position.

“An incorrect position completely cancels the effectiveness of the action as well as an incorrect environmental contour.”


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