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How can we resist aviation expansion? Join members of Stay Grounded Network, Bristol Airport Action Network, Plan B and XR as they discuss mobilising communities, taking action and changing the law. Broadcast live on the 20 May 2020.

James Brown: The Parolympian who made headlines across the word as when he got on top of a plane in City Airport.

Calum: an Energy Policy Researcher and Stay Grounded Organiser.

Tim Crossland: Extinction Rebellion activist and member of Plan B one of the charities that took Heathrow airport to court.

Tarisha Finnegan-Clarke: Bristol XR rebel and coordinator of Bristol Airport Action Network.

Hosted by Indigo Rumbelow.

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Extinction Rebellion:

1. #TellTheTruth
2. #ActNow
3. #BeyondPolitics

World Map of Extinction Rebellion Groups:

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