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Albert Lee – May 15, 2020 Portland Conversations

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Jason Allen interviews Albert Lee who is a congressional candidate for US Representative, 3rd District in 2020.

“An Oregonian by choice, Albert moved to the state twice, choosing to set down roots here with his wife and daughter. He is deeply invested in our community, and shows that dedication through service on government advisory committees & boards and volunteer work with non-governmental community organizations. Albert was born in South Korea to an African-American soldier father and a Korean mother. The family moved to the suburbs of St. Louis, near Ferguson, when Albert was five. Because the public school system suffered from the legacy of segregation, his mother worked two jobs to put him and his sister through parochial schools. Her dedication to her work as a cook, both in a nursing home and at a fast-food restaurant, demonstrated to Albert the value of hard work; her commitment to providing a good education for her children gave him the momentum he needed to become a member of the middle class.

Today we have three major crises that threaten the quality of life in the 3rd District: HOMELESSNESS, INABILITY TO THRIVE, CLIMATE EMERGENCY. Over the past several decades, the absence of leadership has allowed these crises to grow. We need decisive leaders who will address the real issues that our district faces. We need bold action and workable solutions; not incremental change. Twenty-four years of incrementalism has changed the district dramatically—and not for the better.”

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