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Arktika-M: Russia will be launching its first Arktika-M satellite to monitor the Arctic climate and environment later this year. The information was shared by Vladimir Kolmykov, the General Director of the Lavochkin aerospace company.

The first Arktika-M spacecraft has been developed and is currently undergoing radio-electronic testing. The satellite is planned for launch towards the end of 2020. The second Arktika-M satellite is also under development and its launch is scheduled for 2023.

According to sources, the launch of the first Arktika-M satellite is scheduled for December 9, 2020. The satellite will reportedly be launched using a Soyuz-2.1b carrier rocket with the Fregat booster.

The Arktika-M is a remote-sensing and emergency communications satellite. It will help collect meteorological data from the polar regions of the Earth. The data will help improve weather forecasts and enable scientists to better study climate change.

Why is this important to Russia?
Russia’s territory stretches along the Arctic Ocean for thousands of km and the nation faces many challenges while trying to balance the economic development and environmental protection of its northern regions.
About Arktika M
• The Arktika M is a series of planned remote-sensing and emergency communications satellites that Russia plans to operate in a highly elliptical 12-hour orbit.

• Through the launch of the satellites, Russia aims to develop a unique satellite network dedicated to monitoring the weather conditions of the Arctic region.

• The traditional communications and weather-forecasting satellites are ill-suited for serving high-latitude areas of the globe.

• The Arktika-M satellites are being designed to monitor high-latitude areas of the Earth. Their payload will comprise MSU-GSM multi-spectral imager and transmitters for meteorological and rescue systems.

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