Thursday , May 23 2024
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Artist lights up Italian town with message of hope

Shortly before daybreak on Saturday (May 16) Italian artist Stefano Cagol ignited emergency flares, immersing the Bressanone’s cathedral square, in Italy’s northern Trentino-Alto Adige region, in a red light.
Standing alone in the middle of the square at 0300GMT, Cagol lit nine sea torches, one at a time, to send a signal of hope during the COVID-19 crisis and to mark the International Day of Light celebrated on Saturday.
His performance using the flares represented a universal signal of emergency, detection and communication, drawing attention to the ongoing pandemic and sending a message of hope in a country that has been hit harder than most.
The art work, called “Signal to the Future”, could be seen some ten kilometres away.
Cagol, who has exhibited a melting ice cube at the Venice Biennale, said he hoped the pandemic had taught people to live in a better balance with nature.
“I hope that, this very strange and particular condition will help us to find a new way and I hope for a new future, a better future for the planet also. Because, we have not to forget the situation about climate change and all this condition in the world around us,” he said.
Italy has reported 31,368 deaths from coronavirus and 223,096 cases. The Trentino-Alto Adige region registered 6,896 cases of coronavirus and 741 deaths, according to the Italian Department of Civil protection.


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