AWE Nite NYC: Fight Climate Change with XR!

This was a really special night!
We’ll highlighted XR projects that help in the fight against climate change (and save the world!).

We hope these projects will inspire more teams to submit for the $100,000 XR Prize Challenge: Fight Climate Change!

See more about the challenge here:

Brief agenda:
1. Ori Inbar – Cofounder of AWE and Super Ventures – the latest and greatest from the Augmented World.

2. Sean White (AR Pioneer, investor, Stanford lecturer) –
[From 2009!] SiteLens: Situated Visualization Techniques for Urban Site Visits
An AugmentedReality App that visualizes in real time pollution particles in urban environments, developed at Steve Feiner’s AR Lab at Columbia University

3. Vanessa Julia Carpenter, PhD (Chief Innovation Officer & Interaction Designer, Gagarin) – developer of Astrid
In Astrid’s the Garden of Choices, people learn to debate climate change issues and are left with a feeling of hope for our climate future.

4. Ali Daniali (CEO, HRVSTS)
The app is an XR tool that uses the spatial awareness of an indoor farm to anchor real-time farm data to assist farmers with their daily, weekly, and monthly work and planning associated with growing and harvesting fresh foods. of food grown and. This app’s direct impact is in improving the efficiency of indoor farms that help fight climate change by reducing water usage, growing food with less fertilizer, reducing transportation costs, and delivering cleaner and healthier foods.

5. Nick Cherukuri (Founder, ThirdEye)
Carbon Footprint AR tracker solution that uses ThirdEye’s AR headset to allow industries to track their effects on the environment by monitoring greenhouse gas emissions.
ThirdEye’s Carbon Footprint AR Tracker


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