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CalSTRS May 7, 2020 Board Meeting

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Investment Committee 3:51:51
Item 5: Committee Work Plan for FY 2020-21 4:52:13
Item 6a: Investment Insight with Esther Krofah, Milken Institute 3:52:13
Item 6b: Chief Investment Officer 4:27:06
Item 6c: Recognition of Debra Smith, Chief Operating Investment Officer 4:58:45
Item 7: Review of Information Request 5:23:23
Item 8: Draft Agenda for Next Committee Meeting 5:23:33
Item 9: Opportunities for Statements from the Public 5:25:00
Regular Meeting 6:22:30
Item 5: Annual Board Chair and Vice-Chair Elections and Committee Composition for FY 2020-21 6:23:47
Item 6: Chief Executive Officer Report 6:32:51
Item 7: Enterprise Risk Management Report 6:50:25
Item 8: Actuarial Valuation of the Defined Benefit Program as of June 30, 2019 7:13:26
Item 9: Emergency Delegation Procedures 7:28:01
Item 10: Fiduciary Counsel RFI Selection Process 7:50:00
Item 11: Board Member Employer Reimbursement 7:43:30
Item 12a: Contracts Requiring Board Approval 7:48:44
Item 12b: Adoption of Contribution Rates and Interest Rates for Fiscal Year 2020-21 7:48:44
Item 13: Items Referred by Committee for Board Decision 7:53:13
Item 14: New Business / Review of Information Request 7:53:20
Item 15: Draft Agenda for Next Meeting 7:53:31
Item 16: Opportunity for Statements from the Public 7:55:37

The Teachers’ Retirement Board and its committees met on May 7, 2020.
In accordance with Executive Order N-29-20, and Executive Order N-33-20, the physical meeting location was canceled and board members participated via web conference.
This notice and the agendas are available on our website, www.calstrs.com.

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