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CATACLYSMS: JUNE 15, 2022! earthquakes, climate change, volcano, tsunami, natural disasters,news

CATACLYSMS: JUNE 15, 2022! earthquakes, climate change, volcano, tsunami, natural disasters,news

Three tornadoes attacked China. In China, tornadoes were recorded in several provinces. In particular, your footage shows a tornado in the Henan region. It is reported that he was on the ground for about five minutes and covered about a kilometer. The maximum width of the tornado was 300 meters.

Strong winds and a blizzard hit the Australian island state of Tasmania. Eight people were rescued during the extreme weather that wreaked havoc across the state.
Authorities said two people, a 27-year-old woman and a 16-year-old girl, were “very lucky to be alive,” and are currently being treated at a hospital for hypothermia.

A fiery tornado in the United States.
The infernal phenomenon was caused by forest fires and high winds,
it would seem that such a spectacle would scare the locals, but no, they stood and watched mesmerized, and some even recorded it on video. Scientists say that the fire tornado is really a deadly natural phenomenon and you do not need to be a scientist to understand it
a tornado is capable of being carried at tremendous speeds by even small gusts of wind

Storm and flooding in the Omani desert
A real tropical downpour with large hail, which should not happen in the Omani desert, hit the residents.
There is no storm drainage system in Oman, and the rocky ground completely refuses to absorb water, so the desert literally in half an hour turns into full-flowing raging rivers that can drag even cars and destroy stone buildings with their flow.

Spain was hit by the worst heat wave in 40 years. A cloud of hot air from North Africa caused a spike in temperatures.
People used fans, air conditioners, swimming pools and soft drinks to escape the scorching heat.
Meteorologists predict that a wave of stifling heat could continue across much of the country until June 16 or 17, a few days before summer officially begins on June 21.

Heavy rains caused flash flooding in the southeastern Australian state of Queensland. In some places, 300 mm of rain fell in just six hours
Rescue responded to more than 100 requests for help. Swiftwater Fire and Rescue responded to numerous incidents of cars stranded in floodwaters.
The Queensland Bureau of Meteorology reported more than 300 mm of rainfall in a 6-hour period in the Gimpy area. A flood warning has been issued for the Mary River.

Rains and high winds hit several USA states at once. Precipitation caused floods and landslides
In Montana, streams of water destroyed dozens of homes and washed away several bridges. Residents of small towns were left without electricity.

Severe flooding in China
Guigang and Guiping in China, are experiencing a heavy downpour that comes once in a century.
The heaviest rain, affected a Chinese province and 800,000 people.
Many homes have been destroyed by flooding in China’s Hunan province, and at least a few people have been killed. During the rainy season, many people were displaced from their homes. Millions of people moved to other places because of the heavy rains that began in June 2022.

The channel lists such natural disasters as:
1) Geological emergencies: Earthquake, volcanic eruption, mudflow, landslide, landfall, avalanche;
2) Hydrological emergencies: Flood, Tsunami, Limnological catastrophe, floods, flooding;
3) Fires: Forest fire, Peat fire, Glass Fire, Wildfire;
4) Meteorological emergencies: Tornado, Cyclone, Blizzard, Hail, Drought, Hail, Hurricane, Storm, Thunderstorm, typhoon, Tempest, Lightning.

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In 2022, natural disasters have become more frequent. We are seeing climate change in many countries around the world. It is not yet known how 2022 will begin.

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