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CATACLYSMS: JUNE 22, 2022! earthquakes, climate change, volcano, tsunami, natural disasters,news

CATACLYSMS: JUNE 22, 2022! earthquakes, climate change, volcano, tsunami, natural disasters,news

According to the USA Geological Survey, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 occurred in Afghanistan in the early morning. Severe damage was also reported in Khost and Paktika provinces.
The death toll from the earthquake in Afghanistan has risen to 920, according to the deputy minister for disaster management
During a press conference, the official said 610 people were injured.
The epicenter of seismic event was located 44 km away from Khost city in the south-east of Afghanistan. Hypocenter of the natural disaster was located at a depth of 51 km.

A forest fire is raging near the Turkish resort of Marmaris. According to the authorities, the fire does not threaten the settlements. But the residents of more than 30 houses have been evacuated for safety reasons.
The flames broke out the night before and covered an area of 200 hectares. About fifteen hundred people and 400 pieces of equipment are involved in extinguishing the fire. Special equipment of the Turkish Navy is also sent to the area of the fire.

Severe heat wave replaced by thunderstorm with gusty winds in Minnesota
The storm was recorded in the area of Brainerd Lakes. Wind speeds reached 120 kilometers per hour. There are numerous reports of trees uprooted, homes and cars damaged. As a result of the extreme weather conditions, power is out almost all over the state. Crews are working to restore power and clear fallen trees.

20,000 homes in Hong Kong were left without electricity. Fire is to blame.
Almost 160 thousand residents were without electricity and hot water for several days. There were no casualties. The local authorities have initiated an investigation into the incident.

in southwest China was shaken by a strong earthquake. Underground tremors of magnitude 6.1 were recorded in the city of Ya’an with a population of almost a million and a half people.
Cameras of external observation have fixed the moment of the earthquake beginning. Its origin was located at a depth of 17 kilometers. Later seismologists registered several aftershocks with smaller magnitude.
The quake in Sichuan Province was also so strong that the mountains began to collapse, causing rockslides that crashed onto roads, cars and people.

The world’s largest container ship built in China
The biggest container vessel in the world was built in Shanghai and handed over to the customer. It is supposed to cruise between the Far East and Europe.
The ship was built by Hudong-Zhonghua, one of the leading shipbuilding companies of the People’s Republic of China. The ship can carry up to 24 thousand containers at a time. The container ship is 399 meters long – 60 meters longer than its predecessor. Its width is over 61 meters and deck area is 24,000 square meters, the equivalent of three and a half soccer fields.
It is underlined that the depth of the ship allows to load up to 25 containers on one another which is equal to the height of a 22-storey building. After commissioning the ship will serve the route from the Far East to the Old World.

The channel lists such natural disasters as:
1) Geological emergencies: Earthquake, volcanic eruption, mudflow, landslide, landfall, avalanche;
2) Hydrological emergencies: Flood, Tsunami, Limnological catastrophe, floods, flooding;
3) Fires: Forest fire, Peat fire, Glass Fire, Wildfire;
4) Meteorological emergencies: Tornado, Cyclone, Blizzard, Hail, Drought, Hail, Hurricane, Storm, Thunderstorm, typhoon, Tempest, Lightning.

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In 2022, natural disasters have become more frequent. We are seeing climate change in many countries around the world. It is not yet known how 2022 will begin.

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