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pFITE Entry: Global Warming Is Fake by Matt Reaction

This is an entry to Home Stage’s pFITE series (Poetry & Folk In The Environment). Every day during pFITE February, Maddy and Florrie (and Mark the cameraman) chat through your music and poetry entries. The aim? To determine the first ever pFITE Awards winners! Watch all full entries here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3HKcB8onU2wfzhoDku7MWvBtvW6yra0M …

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Timmy Does His Part to Fight Global Warming

It’s getting hot out there and it’s only February! Luckily, Mr. Corporate has a few things he knows can help combat global warming, climate change or climate variability. Whatever you want to call it. But, what’s this? Timmy and his family are already doing those things? Well, Mr. Corporate is …

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Interview: Anti-Flag's Justin Sane on New Album, Global Warming, War in Ukraine, and More

Anti-Flag frontman Justin Sane talks the band’s new album, Lies They Tell Our Children, global warming, the war in Ukraine, 30 years as a band, and more in this interview with Heavy Consequence. Subscribe here for more! https://bit.ly/2RZJXTc​​​​​​ Get more of Consequence http://consequence.net/ Facebook: http://cos.lv/QJFI30rnuXQ​​​​​​​​ Twitter: http://cos.lv/zAxA30rnuXL​​​​​​​​ TikTok: http://cos.lv/KZdI30rnuXJ​​​​​​​​ Instagram: …

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