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“Global Warming's Devastating Impact on Taj Mahal's Marble: A Wake-Up Call to Save Our Heritage”. #3

In this eye-opening video, we explore how global warming is taking a devastating toll on the world-famous Taj Mahal. The iconic Indian mausoleum, which is made of pristine white marble, is slowly succumbing to the impacts of climate change. From rising temperatures to air pollution, the Taj Mahal is facing …

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Global Warming – Marcus Allen Hughes

Thanks to all who listen! Please consider supporting by liking and subscribing! This is an original song that I wrote which reflects (in some aspect) how I have changed in light off COVID-19. From the limited human interactions I’ve had for the last three years, to a work from home …

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The Climate Crisis Feedback Loop: How Global Warming Fuels Itself

In the article, we discuss the concept of a “doom loop” in the Earth’s climate crisis, as warned by researchers. The doom loop refers to a vicious cycle in which global warming leads to the release of more greenhouse gases, which in turn leads to even more warming. We explore …

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Hidden Pathways to Extinction – Global warming is just a small part of the process

Giovanni Strona is an ecologist and a researcher at the European Commission. His Springer book “Hidden Pathways to Extinction” shares the multitude of pathways that can lead to biodiversity loss. According to the book, global warming’s effect on the survival of species is only one small part of the complex …

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global warming

discussing about how to prevent our earth from global warmng Title: The Urgent Need to Address Global Warming Opening shot: A beautiful, idyllic scene of nature, with trees, wildlife, and a clean, blue sky. Voiceover: Our planet is a precious gift, full of natural wonders that sustain life as we …

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