Sunday , April 21 2024
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Climate Change : कृषि के लिए बड़ा खतरा | Global Warming Impact on Agriculture | Farming

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Global population, economic growth, and the growing speed of climate change pose a danger to food security worldwide. The world’s temperature is rising due to the unchecked rise of greenhouse gas emissions. Glaciers are melting, more precipitation and more extreme weather events, and the seasons are changing as a result. Climate change is quite dangerous to agriculture. Higher temperatures eventually cause lower agricultural yields of desired crops while promoting the growth of weeds and pests.
Although certain crops will see advantages in specific parts of the world, the overall effects of climate change on agriculture are anticipated to be negative, endangering the security of the world’s food supply. The probability of short-term crop failures and long-term output decreases rises with changes in precipitation patterns. People in underdeveloped countries are already at risk and experiencing food insecurity.

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