Friday , December 1 2023

Climate Change Documentary | MUMBAI: RISING WATERS, SINKING CITY

#Mumbai – India’s financial capital – is sinking. Studies by national and international climate research organisations have predicted that the city will go underwater by 2100 because of climate change-induced flooding. In our documentary, we explore how rising sea levels and a host of local policy and environmental issues are threatening Mumbai’s survival.

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00:00 – Introduction

01:11 – The history of Mumbai and the seven islands

02:13 – What is sea level rise and how is it expected to impact Mumbai?

03:22 – The plight of the frontliners

04:36 – Why are cyclones becoming common in the Arabian Sea?

05:49 – About Mumbai’s original inhabitants — the Koli fishing community

08:02 – How is sea level rise impacting people living in the suburbs?

09:37 – The memories of 2005 Mumbai floods

11:40 – Mumbai Coastal Road Project and other development activities

13:18 – The Mumbai City Climate Action Plan

15:05 – How are Mumbaikars adapting to their new reality?

#ClimateChange #MumbaiSinking #LivingWithClimateChange

Video: The Quint
Music: BMG

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