Saturday , December 3 2022

Climate change is 'going to get a lot worse'

In the climate of conflict in Eastern Europe – a number of senior retired defence and security personnel have written an open letter to Australian politicians.

They call themselves Australian Security Leaders Climate Group and call for a number of things, chief among them though, to make the security risks posed by climate change a key focus in the upcoming federal election.

One of those is retired deputy chief of the Air Force, Air Vice-Marshal John Blackburn, who says climate change is the biggest threat facing the world.

“No matter what we try and do in the short term, this is going to get a lot worse, and we’ve seen what’s happened with the flood recently and the bushfires beforehand,” he told Sky News Australia.

“This is going to continue to build, and that doesn’t just affect us in Australia, in fact, everyone around the world.”


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