Friday , April 19 2024
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Climate Change Miss Information In Social Media

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Hey, everybody! Welcome back to another episode of the [show name]. Today we’re going to talk about climate change and how people are missing information in social media.

First of all, climate change is real. It’s happening. And it’s not just something that scientists are worried about; it’s affecting our lives every day. This isn’t a theory—it’s happening right now! So if you want to know more about it, go look up “climate change” on your phone or computer. You’ll find tons of articles on the topic that will tell you what we’ve learned so far about how climate change affects our lives.

But here’s the thing: most people don’t want to read an article about climate change—they just want to see evidence that it’s happening or not happening so they can decide for themselves whether they believe it or not! And because social media is where people get their news these days, this means that climate change information can get lost in all of the other stuff happening on social media platforms like Facebook (where people post pictures and videos), Instagram (where people share photos), Twitter (where people tweet things out).

So where do you go if you want

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