Connecting the dots: from coral bleaching to climate gentrification

2020 will be undoubtedly remembered as a year of unprecedented level of anxiety for the entire planet, and yet witnessing how local communities came together to support those on the frontlines, and examples of international collaborations to fight one common enemy, instilled hope in those of us who have been advocating for the same level of global mobilization to combat another lingering existential crisis, the climate emergency.

Among the ecosystems that are most at risk from climate change and man-made pollution, are the coral reefs and as a consequence the survival of many of the species that live off these incredibly complex systems is under threat. Warmer waters, along with land ice melt, are also the driving causes of sea level rise, an issue that Miamians are all too familiar with. And with the sea rising, communities are being displaced as developers are looking for higher grounds as a safer investment, a concern neighborhood like Little Haiti, Liberty City and Little Havana have been battling with in recent years.

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