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Conservation of Plants and Animals for Class 8 Science – Deforestation

Conservation of Plants and Animals for Class 8 Science CBSE – Deforestation
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Deforestation is a process of cutting down trees in the forests. Due to deforestation, these resources have serious threat of their survival. Trees in the forests are cut for different purposes.
Global Warming: Deforestation lead to increase in quantity of carbon dioxide in earth’s atmosphere leading to increase in earth’s temperature. This is global warming. It cause harmful effects like skin burning, melting of polar ice caps, increase of seawater level, flood and ultimately submerging of coastal areas.
Drought: Increase in temperature disturbs the water cycle, therefore, there is less rainfall. It leading to drought i.e. a condition when there is no water for crop as well as drinking.
Flood: Trees increases water holding capacity of soil. It is also helpful to increase the groundwater level. Due to deforestation, water can not be hold longer and so the flow of water from surface to groundwater reduces leading to lowering of groundwater level. Due to which the water level in river increases. If river can’t hold increased water level, it brings flood in River floodplains.
Soil Erosion and Desertification: Roots of the plant hold soil at its place. Deforestation leads to removal of top fertile layer of soil with water and wind, this is called soil erosion. Due to which the properties of the soil like nutrient content, texture, undergo change thereby gradually converting the land into desert.
Loss of Biodiversity: We know that Forests are home for many plants and animals. We are cutting forests thereby destroying their homes. Today many plants and animals are under the threat of their extinction. In turn it disturbs the ecological balance in nature.

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