Monday , December 4 2023

Countries At #COP27 Agree To Help Pay For Climate Change Damages

At the end of COP27 in Egypt, countries agreed on a deal to set up a loss and damage fund for countries most affected by climate change. You see because of the impact of climate change developing countries have been seeking financial help for a long time to help pay for damages from things like floods or fires. It was a positive end to an interesting couple of weeks. Since last year’s summit in Glasgow, many countries have been struggling to stick to their promises. But people were pretty happy to see Brazil’s new prime minister Luiz Ignacio Lula Da Silva who promised to have zero deforestation by 2030. When it comes to the climate fund though, well there are still a lot of questions on where the money will come from and if it will be enough. But many say it’s a small step in the right direction.

Twitter has decided to let Donald Trump tweet again. New twitter boss Elon Musk posted this poll online asking users if the former US President should be allowed to come back after he was banned from the platform back in 2021. More than 15 million people voted and almost 52% said YES bring him back! But Trump says he’s going to stick to his own social media platform Truth Social and he didn’t see any reason to re-join Twitter.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup has begun with none other than Morgan Freeman appearing during the opening ceremony, as well as BTS star Jung Kook and fireworks galore. In the actual soccer, things kicked off with host nation Qatar taking on Ecuador. Ecuador scored in the first 3 minutes until the ref decided it was actually offside. But Ecuador pushed through with captain Enner Valencia scoring two goals making Qatar the first host nation in HISTORY to lose its opening game.

Over in Rugby League and Australia are the undisputed world champs. Starting in the women’s, the Jillaroos defeated New Zealand 54 to 4 to take home their third world cup in a row. Meanwhile in the men’s, after a bit of intense stare down the Kangaroos beat Samoa 30 to 10 in front of more than 67,000 fans. Aussie Captain James Tedesco scored 2 tries as Australia took home their 12th Rugby League World Cup.

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