CTEK (56-958) MUS 4.3 POLAR 12 Volt Fully Automatic Extreme Climate 8 Step Battery Charger

https://amzn.to/3cME3y8 – CTEK (56-958) MUS 4.3 POLAR 12 Volt Fully Automatic Extreme Climate 8 Step Battery Charger

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“My old car battery died last winter. A coworker helped me out with his oldschool charger and so I decided to buy a used one on craigslist. Boy am I glad craigslist didnt have any for sale Im my area.
I ended up researching chargers that night and ended up buying this one. When it arrived I disconnected my battery and set the charger to recondition.
Its January almost a year later and that old battery is still kicking my engine over like a champ! So just buy it its awesome!
I recently left my car in an unheated Minnesota garage for 4 months during one of the coldest fall/winter months (November – February) of the last 20 years.
It was still -5 when I started the car – vroom, flawless. Its a charger that lives up to its claims of being a polar charger. Well worth a few extra dollars.
I live in an area of average 20F temp. in the winter and dropping to -10F intermittently for 2-3 days. This maintainer/charger is used for the duel batteries of the coach (not engine) for my application.
I have 1 charger for both batteries and connect + on 1 battery, and – to the second battery. This is and OUTSTANDING UNIT. I purchased the CTEC extention cable and mounted my CTECH in a favorable location.
I ran the extension cable to the battery utilizing the “O” connectors provided on the battery screw terminals. Pleas read the factory specifications to this charger…I wont go into details.
BUT THIS IS AN OUTSTANDING charger/maintainer, requiring very little power after it automatically switches to maintenance mode.
As most RV owners we have bought them all…none of them compare in size, ability to mount to chasis, and just plain easy to install as this one.
Click Link In Description For More Info.”

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