Cycling Advocacy Around the World

What cycling is doing for cities around the world? What are the best emerging practices?

In this episode we discussed:

– How bikes are an efficient and resilient solution and that is why it shines when resources are limited during crises.
– The importance of cycling infrastructure to increase cycling
– The value of (soft) measures beyond hard infrastructure to encourage cycling

– How paying people to bike to work saves the government money
– The power of network. Bike anjo has thousands of volunteers in dozens of countries teaching and helping people of all ages to bike
– A succesful bike-friendly businesses campaign started in 2014 and it is bringing cyclists and local businesses together

– The virtuous circle of building and encouraging to get more people on bikes
– The importance of including women on the decision process. Good examples of gender equity can be found in New Zealand, Germany, and Colombia
– The emergence of temporary bike lanes and open streets all over the world allowing more public spaces to become safe third places

– How timely it is to do this now because it allows people to see that better is possible

We had two international guests: feminist and climate emergency leader Aline Cavalcante (Bikes vs Cars | Ciclocidade | União de Ciclistas do Brasil) and network builder JP Amaral (Instituto Alana | Bike Anjo network | BYCS)

Additional Info

– LCL Resouce Page with articles and news about positive impacts and inspiring initiatives around the world:
– Bike Anjo Network
– Bikes vs cars:

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