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#CZPRES Conference on Climate Change Adaptation: “Designing Climate Resilient Landscapes”

Livestream of the Europe-Wide Flagship Conference on Climate Change Adaptation
‘Designing climate resilient landscapes’

13-14 September 2022, Prague, Hotel Vienna House Diplomat
Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union #CZPRES

SLIDO: please visit and enter the code: 9 5555 63

By mid-century, Europe shall become a continent that is not only climate neutral, but also climate resilient. The new EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change and national adaptation strategies of EU Member States have paved the way to achieving the latter objective. Nevertheless, since ‘all theory is grey but forever green is the tree of life’, strategies and action plans can be put in practice only by real people: through transformative ideas, experience sharing, and involvement of relevant stakeholders.
The recent report of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change emphasized the urgency of immediate and more ambitious action to address the impacts of climate change, including in Europe. Designing and managing resilient landscapes – while using nature-based solutions and involving the public – is one of the pathways to climate resilient development as well as to the recovery of vital ecosystem services, such as clean water, clean air, biodiversity, or a welcoming environment for tourism.

The objective of this ‘hands-on’ conference is to (i) enable experts to share their best practices, successful pilot projects, and methodologies on the adaptation of landscapes to climate change in general, and on water retention on the whole surface of the EU territory, soil regeneration, forest resilience, and ecosystems services recovery in particular, (ii) raise interest of decision-makers and involve the public in designing and managing resilient landscapes, (iii) foster discussion on relevant submitted and planned elements of EU legal framework (nature restoration law, soil legal framework, forest strategy, etc.) and (iv) help align the position of EU Member States on climate change adaptation issues prior to COP27, in order to take informed, well-targeted, and timely action.

A Prague Appeal (to be later presented to the Environmental Council in October 2022), and a brochure with presented projects (to be handed-over to all participants, and further distributed electronically), shall be among the outputs of this conference. Participants will also visit innovative adaptation projects in the vicinity of Prague.


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