Wednesday , October 4 2023

Dan Peña- Is Global Warming The Greatest Fraud?- 50 Billion Dollar Man By London Real – Convince me

I’m on a search… a video, armchair search… to figure out what climate change is. But more importantly, what human factors contribute to climate change… and what those factors will ultimately mean for the Earth and Humankind. I need convincing that throwing money at the problem will work this time.

It’s not that I don’t believe the Earth is warming, or at least changing, because I do… from an analytical standpoint, remaining in any sort of status quo is the real impossibility. However, I don’t believe our increase in CO2 has the influence that we think it does. And if it does, is that necessarily a bad thing? And is it inevitable, regardless?

Join me as we educate ourselves, using the armchair tools we have available… and solve climate change, once and for all!

Original video:
London Real


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