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Deforestation – Understanding the Causes, Problems and Conservation Techniques

This session focus on the burgeoning problem of deforestation, despite being a direct session the main focus is to direct students to formulate good writing styles in questions based on deforestation.
Dr. Manishika Jain explains the causes of deforestation, problems associated to deforestation, statistics of deforestation and finally the conservation techniques.

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Lectures organised in topics and subtopics:

Deforestation @1:10
Why Forest are Cleared? @1:20
Deforestation Statistics @3:05
Causes of Deforestation @5:15
Urban Area @6:53
Industrial Area @6:59
Fire in Forest @7:13
Direct Causes @7:35
Indirect Causes @8:32
Problems of Deforestation @9:40
Deforestation Prevent Fast Growing Trees @11:37
Planting Tree @12:19
Chipko Andolan @13:17
Pollution Control @13:59
Forest Conservation @14:10
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