Wednesday , June 19 2024
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Educating the younger generations to be Guardians of the Planet


How can you save the planet from your sofa or school? We have collaborated with Clive Gifford and Jonathan Woodward to create a new book Guardians of the Planet: How to be an Eco-Hero –  specifically aimed to encourage little ones to learn about and protect the environment with easy, every-day tasks.

Guardians of the Planet is full of ideas, facts, and creative activities to inspire children to engage with environmental issues every day. It walks them through everything from reusing clothes to composting food, to ways they can give wildlife a helping hand.

We’ve commenced a critical decade for our environment and we believe it’s crucial that everyone – even our youngest generations – are armed with the knowledge to do their bit for our planet.

Calling all eco-heroes! Earth is in trouble and it’s time for action

“This book contains everything you need to become a HOME HERO, a WILDLIFE WARDEN, a FRIEND OF THE FORESTS and much, much more. From composting food and reducing plastic waste to cleaning up beaches and giving wildlife a helping hand, it’s packed with facts, activities and tips to help you protect our incredible world.”

The book is printed in full colour using special environmentally-friendly water inks on FSC paper, and includes a foreword written by ClientEarth trustee, Brian Eno.

At ClientEarth, we use the law to make governments and businesses bring in big changes to protect people and the planet. If you want to inspire the next generation on how to keep our environment safe, read the brilliant new book Guardians of the Planet, written in support of ClientEarth.

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