#ETConf20 Professor Mary Stuart, CBE: Universities in the 21st Century – purpose in a changing world

Professor Mary Stuart’s keynote presentation and Q&A from Day One of QAA Scotland’s International Enhancement Conference, ‘Learning from disruption: exploring what counts in higher education’ (3 and 4 June 2020). For more information, visit enhancementthemes.ac.uk.

Over the last 3 years the 21st Century Lab has been working with colleagues from around the world exploring the purpose of Universities in the 21st century. This session will explore some of the findings and pose some questions for our sector to explore in our changing society.

– How do we prepare students for uncertainty and risky futures?
– How do we respond to information, fake news and the speed of communications with truly thoughtful knowledge?
– How will a world that has finally woken up to the reality of pandemics and the climate emergency face up to these challenges and prepare for other equally knotty issues and what is the University’s role in supporting this?
– How do we work with our students to create a better world?

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