EU CAN DO IT , EU SHOULD DO IT Citizens at the European Parliament for a global response to covid19

Today, on April 30th 2020, after efforts to have an urgency procedure activated, Virginia Fiume (Eumans coordinator) presented in front of the PETI Committee of the European Parliament the petition to the EP calling for a European response to the COVID19 social, economic and health crisis – #EuCanDoIt.

The petition urges the European Union to strengthen its role at international level in managing the pandemic and other emergencies, such as the climate emergency, and to convocate and strengthen the mandate of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

The PETI Committee proposed to follow-up to the petition with a short Motion for Resolution, on which the Coordinators of the political groups will be called to vote again. It is up to them to decide on the parliamentary iter of the petition. And we will do our best together to make sure this historical opportunity doesn’t get wasted.

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