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Experimenta Social (Distancing) #34 Radical Change

Florence Folole Tupuola (New Wayfinders) and Daz Chandler
HOST: Jonathan Parsons, Experimenta Artistic Director
DATE: Wednesday 20 May 2020
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Radical change is here. As artists respond and adapt to an industry thrown into a tailspin, we begin to get a glimpse into what life might be like in 6 months time and the potential for significant change in how we make, share and experience art through technology. How are artists embracing technological change during these extraordinary times? And how can moving to digital enrich our creative community?

Join us as we present insights from artists who will discuss the ways they are now reaching wider audiences online and how these digital platforms can be used for a vehicle for activism and creative expression.

New Wayfinders is an artistic collective of Oceanic artists using creativity to reclaim identity and build community. For Next Wave, they have been investigating gentle resistance and slow governance. Presenting will be artist and activist Florence Folole Tupuola, who explores cultural identity and belonging through Samoan dance called ‘Siva Samoa’.

Daz Chandler is an interdisciplinary storyteller who fuses together immersive theatre with participatory installation and technologies. Her Next Wave work, The Parallel Effect, transports viewers into a series of parallel dimensions, where reimagined realities have successfully dealt with the climate emergency.

Curated by Experimenta, the ‘Experimenta Social’ series moves to a live online platform and continues to provide proximity to some of Australia’s most adventurous contemporary artists, researchers and creative technologists.

This session is presented in collaboration with Next Wave Festival 2020.

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