Tuesday , May 21 2024
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Facing the Climate Emergency by Margaret Klein Salamon – A Review

Margaret Klein Salamon’s book “Facing the Climate Emergency” encourages people to become ‘climate warriors’. Michelle Stirling, Communications Manager for Friends of Science Society, reviews the book and notes that most of the themes are based on the very unlikely climate model (computer simulation) known as the RCP 8.5. Michelle explains and shows that this climate model was not meant to be used for forecasting future climate, it is just a tool for climate scientists (not the public or politicians) to better understand how climate elements interact. Margaret Klein Salamon is a trained clinical psychologist who developed the theme/meme “Our House is on Fire” – using psychological tactics to scare people into compliance on drastic climate policies; Greta Thunberg made these memes famous. After careful review, Michelle suggests that people think twice, read the fine print, and consider how climate has dramatically changed in previous time periods when human CO2 emissions could not have been the driving factor…so perhaps natural forces are stronger elements? Whatever the case, it is time to stop scaremongering on climate – especially with our children. As CLINTEL says – we DO have time. We have many real challenges to face in COVID recovery. Climate change is not one of them.

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