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Food Waste

If food waste were a country, it would be the third biggest source of carbon pollution (via The Years Project)

Posted by NowThis Politics on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Food Waste – Dumbest Environmental Problem Humans Have

Food Waste – Dumbest Environmental Problem Humans Have.

This video was shared on Facebook. Some interesting comments below on the world’s Dumbest Environmental Problem.

  • I lived in Japan for three years in the 60’s on an Air Force base. We had to separate our food waste from other trash and put it in a bucket outside our door every morning. It was picked up and used to feed animals and for fertiliser. The rest of our trash was hauled off to dumps where workers scrambled over it with masks and gloves and separated items like metal, plastic, paper, etc., for recycling.
  • Why do they package 4 chicken breast in one when I only want 2. OR…huge bags of potatoes when I can’t eat them by myself fast enough before they rot. So, its the food companies who are causing the Dumbest Environmental Problem.
  • Well, could you stop packaging everything in family size quantities!? Single people, widows, widowers can maybe use 2 hamburger buns, for example, but 8? Etc. etc. etc. No. Stuff just isn’t good after you freeze it – that’s If you remember it before it gets freezer burn.
  • I was so surprised and sad that after the church picnic someone was dumping large trays of hamburger and hot dog buns. I said Oh, that is awful. The response was After all those people had passed that table it was kinder to the people in the shelter to throw it out. But I still think that the last people in our line are right before the first people in the shelter line.
  • I started a small spring/summer garden with my family let my daughter do most of the tending work like I did as a kid. She learned it takes a long time to grow food, it’s a lot of work, and was proud to cut her first pea and tomato from the vine. She realised that wasting food is the Dumbest Environmental Problem.
  • If we would stop genetically modifying plant food, go back to seasonal fruits and veggies, and keep food local, that is, stop shipping food across the continent and the world, we will end a large part of the food waste problems.
  • This is a big issue in Europe because of VAT strict rules. Companies when donating need to pay VAT to states, unless they donate it to previously registered approved complicated legal mumbo jumbo food banks, and most food again is wasted because it is less complicated and costly.
  • Here in Italy, all food waste is put into special biodegradable bags and picked up for fertiliser for all the local farms and for feeding animals. We also recycle nearly everything and have very little actual trash that cant be recycled.
  • I work in hospitality and the amount of food thrown away after events, parties, weddings, conferences, meetings is heartbreaking.
  • Some places will not share leftovers with staff. Some will but won’t allow any leftovers to leave the building or location. Dumbest Environmental Problem
  • The best way to solve this Dumbest Environmental Problem would make Americans change their mentality. We do not deserve anything because of our ancestors, or political or sexual orientation. We, as a populous society, have become a greedy society. We take better care of our prisoners than we do the elderly that was gainfully employed for 30+ years. We want it all, and we expect it now. Everything must be bigger, newer, taller and faster.
  • I am an international student, and yes, this country throws so many food away. Back in my country (PH) we only prepare enough food for everyone. Prior to a meeting, we know how many are going to attend, their preferences, thus knowing what and how much.
  • It’s just my son and I the last 12 years. It’s hard to find smaller quantity items, but that’s ok. When I go to the store, I only buy a weeks worth of fresh produce/dairy at a time so it doesn’t spoil.
  • Just buy what u need. U don’t have to buy 2kgs of chicken just buy 1 piece. Or put the rest in the freezer. Use as u need it. Get a dog. We hardly have any waste. What we don’t eat the dog ???? gets for dinner. As long as it’s suitable.
  • I saw firsthand the waste while working for a sports venue…the food was already paid for, cooked, held until service time, then never served, because the client ordered (and paid for) too much…these cooked overages were then discarded without ever having been touched…not just a few, but hotel pans full of chicken, vegetables, gallons of pudding, cheese sauce, even a whole pig! Couldn’t keep working there…too disgusted and disheartened, because I multiplied that waste by the thousands of sports venues, concert halls, theme parks, etc. all across the U.S and all the people that food could have helped…
  • It’s horrifying! I hate seeing wasted veggies and fruits when people living in “food deserts” are eating crap and developing health problems because of the shit food they have to eat. What makes me even more sad and angry is to see meat thrown away, then that means a sentient being was tortured and murdered for NOTHING!

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