Saturday , June 15 2024
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Forest loss Borneo Say NO to palm oil in products you consume

Forest loss Borneo Say NO to palm oil in products you consume. Sure you have seen this shocking footage of the Orangutan fighting off the digger. Sad images. Even if you reduce your palm oil product consumption by a little bit it will make a difference. Better to try and eliminate completely though so check out this list below that will help.

WHAT CAN YOU DO to help stop Forest loss Borneo?

Check your labels: if you know of a product that contains sustainable palm oil and it isn’t on our sustainable palm oil shopping list then you can add it by:

  • Email Send a photo or the name of the product to and they’ll add it to their list.
  • Twitter Take a photo of the product and tweet it to them @ActforWildlife #palmoilchallenge.
  • In the zoo Bring the packaging to their Guest Services Pavilion and they’ll add it to their list.

If you love a product but aren’t sure if it contains sustainable palm oil then get in touch and they’ll find out for you. Or if you’re a company who already sources 100% CSPO and would like to be included in Act for Wildlife’s brand list, please get in touch with them. By Act for Wildlife

The thing is, we can finger point palm oil manufacturers or the governments of Malaysia and Indonesia who are allowing this for Forest loss Borneo? Did you know that in 5 years Indonesia increased its palm oil production by 7 million tons? Did you know that palm oil imported into Europe from Indonesia is exempted from taxes? Did you know that Indonesia does not have to officially share its production, inventories etc…? So many facts and counter facts. Each side arguing their side of the argument. And there are many valid arguments.

But, will they listen? Maybe, maybe not. It could take years if they do. One sure fire way to at least decrease production is to decrease consumption. Its in OUR hands. We can stop this.

The rainforests and these creatures have a greater part to play than we currently realise. Please share this post. Spread awareness, convince the unconvinced that we cannot keep TAKING from Planet Earth.

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Environmentalist, Futurist, Lightworker, Wannabe naturalist. The way we are treating our world and environment is not going to end well! We need to change course NOW.

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