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FR: Citizens’ Assemblies, democratic innovation made true | AIR 18.04.2020

Due to COVID-19, Extinction Rebellion Switzerland has decided to not carry out the actions planned for the April Rebellion. Instead, we invite you to participate in the mightiest form of civil disobedience: to think, to discuss, and to form a solid opinion. This is like a Citizens’ Assembly on a small scale – A People’s Assembly!

Citizens’ Assemblies on Climate Change are panels of randomly selected citizens representing a cross-section of a particular society, from all walks of life, who are provided expert information by professionals about the Climate and Ecological Emergency. This group of citizens then discusses and decides what actions should be put into place to mitigate the effects of Climate Change.

Citizens’ Assemblies have already been implemented in some countries. Today we will discuss with these first movers on how we can get Citizens’ Assemblies in our country and others around the world.

This live-broadcast will feature presentations from experts, and our studio audience will break out into discussion rooms. We invite our audience on facebook, youtube and twitter to contribute too with questions and suggestions in the comments.

 OR – Join the zoom call and get really involved:
password: reflexion
(PLEASE NOTE: After we go live, no other participants will be admitted to the call)

Translations between English and French will in principle be offered.

On the panel:

Dimitri Courant, Research fellow in political science, University of Lausanne and University Paris

Alice El-Wakil, Research fellow in political theory, University of Zürich

Nessy Haines-Matos, Coordinator of XR Global Support Participative Democracy

Myriam and Maxime, Members of the Citizen Assemblies working group of XR Switzerland

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— The public is invited to meet and mingle on an open jitsi platform before, after or even during the conferences by connecting to:

You can find this information and a form to announce your presence (non compulsory but useful) and stay informed about upcoming
activities here:

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