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Giant wooden pavilion in Taiwan is a birdhouse for humans


Designed by the creative minds behind Taipei-based
Phoebe Says Wow Architects, the Boolean Birdhouse is a massive pavilion built in the middle of a national park in Taiwan. Set up for an annual flower show, the wooden building features five individual pitched roofs that jut up into the sky to create a welcoming place for birds to perch, while humans can also find a bit of respite inside the birdhouse.

wooden structure with several wood volumes with pitched roofs

Located in Taiwan’s Yangmingshan National Park, the wooden building gives visitors to an annual flower show a place to rest while enjoying the incredible views. In particular, the region is known for its feathered wildlife, which inspired the architects to create a pavilion that was geared toward giving native birds a place to perch while giving visitors a chance to be close to nature.

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aerial shot of wooden structure with several volumes

aerial shot of lush landscaped garden and walkway

Spanning almost 900 square feet, the building includes five separate volumes with soaring pitched roofs. Clad in cypress shingles, the natural timber exterior and bark finishes are reminiscent of small, ubiquitous birdhouses found in backyards around the world. In fact, there are several bird-sized openings found throughout the exterior facade to let birds come in and out with ease.

wooden interior with angular walls and ceilings

worm's eye view of geometric ceiling with wooden beams

Although the structure is “for the birds,” it’s also designed to be a resting place for human visitors of the flower show. Guests who enter the wooden pavilion through one of the dual entrances will find a dark interior filled with oddly-shaped spaces. The interior features a public area for exhibitions, but there are also several private corner nooks and curved crannies where people can take a moment to meditate or just take a quiet break.

+ Phoebe Says Wow Architects

Via ArchDaily

Photography by Hey!Cheese, OS Studio and Shihhwa Hung via Phoebe Says Wow Architects

people standing around base of wooden building

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