Monday , May 27 2024
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Gin & Weirding: How Will The Climate Emergency Impact Our Daily Lives & The Things We Care About?

In a collaboration between Global Weirding and Green & Tonic Katherine Hayhoe talks with Anthony Hobley about why we need to talk about climate change. This was prior to Katherine’s keynote lecture at the LSE in collaboration with the Grantham Institute which can also be found online here

She discusses her journey in communicating climate science. When we first talk to people about an issue we care about we assume they will for the exact same reasons. We need to understand that everyone already has the values that will make them care about climate change if we can only join the dots so they can see how climate change relates to their daily lives and values. Katherine talks about how we need to get to know people we are communicating with and what they care about. Then talk about how climate will impact those things. We also discuss how this growing awareness amongst ordinary people, seeing how climate change impacts them is behind the growing social movements such as the Extinction Rebellion and the children climate strikes inspired by Greta Thunberg. Katherine and i then explore whether we are now seeing a social tipping point and what is driving this? For example the financial tipping points whereby clean energy is cost competitive if not cheaper than fossil fuels. Coupled with increasing social pressure as a result of increased awareness of the dangers from unchecked climate change we discuss if we might see an inevitable tipping point. To explain the significance of a planetary temperature change of 1,2, 3 or 4+ degrees Katherine makes a comparison between a human body running a fever of a few degrees. Finally we talk about how do we communicate the risks of climate change alongside the things we can do about it. Coupling fear of the consequences of climate change with hope. Ultimately Katherine argues that action begins with talking about climate change. if we don’t talk about it why would we care about it? Perhaps the most sobering factoid from our conversation is that every minute we are putting additional energy into our atmospheric system equivalent to three Hiroshima nuclear bombs. We finish with the suggestion that next year we should combine to create Gin and Weirding.

This video was first published onSource link . We are just re-posting and re-sharing.

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