Monday , December 4 2023

Global Warming 2

The issue of climate change and global warming have become of increased interest and concern. Find out what global warming is and its causes, including the greenhouse effect. Learn what can be done to minimize global warming and its impact.
*Global Warming – Part 2 Solutions*
What can be done to reduce global warming? Learn about solar, wind, geothermal, and nuclear power.
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0:00:00 Global Warming – Part 2
0:00:10 Table of Contents
0:00:15 Preface
0:00:55 1. Global Warming: What Can be Done?
0:02:38 2. Solar Power
0:15:51 3. Wind Power
0:28:53 4. Individual Use
0:31:29 5. Payback Time
0:34:27 6. Kangaroos and Cows
0:34:58 7. Geothermal Power
0:41:09 8. Nuclear Power
1:00:15 9. Safest Way to Generate Energy
1:01:16 10. Fukushima Daiichi
1:04:46 Table of Contents

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