Thursday , April 18 2024
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Global warming and the GHG effect, causes Climate Change, is derived by these 8 contributors

Global warming and the greenhouse effect, which causes Climate Change, is derived due to these 8 significant contributors:

GENERATING POWER – Fossil fuels emit greenhouse gases. Most electricity comes from coal, oil, or gas emitting greenhouse gases. Wind, solar, and other renewables provide 25% of global electricity.

MANUFACTURING GOODS – To make cement, iron, steel, electronics, plastics, clothes, and other goods, fossil fuels are burned. Construction and mining produce gas. Fossil fuels are used to make plastics. The manufacturing industry emits CO2.

DEFORESTATION – Cutting down forests to make farms or pastures releases carbon. Annual forest loss is 12 million hectares. Destruction of forests reduces nature’s carbon-reducing ability. Land use changes cause a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions.

TRANSPORTATION – Most vehicles use fossil fuels. CO2 is emitted by transportation. Gasoline fuels engines. They increased transportation emissions. 25% of global CO2 emissions are from transport. Rising transport energy use is expected.

PRODUCING FOOD – Deforestation and land clearing for agriculture and grazing, cow and sheep digestion, crop fertilisers, and fossil fuels for farm equipment or fishing boats emit greenhouse gases. Climate affects harvest. Shipping generates GHGs.

POWERING BUILDINGS – Half the world’s electricity goes to buildings. Heating with coal, oil, and natural gas emits greenhouse gases. Rising heating and cooling demand and air conditioner ownership have increased building CO2 emissions.

OVER CONSUMPTION – Your home, power use, mobility, diet, and waste emit greenhouse gases. Clothes, electronics, and plastics pollute. Domestic greenhouse gas emissions are large. Lifestyle choices affect the planet. The wealthiest 1% emit more greenhouse gases than the poorest 50%.

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Source: Various UN Sources

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