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Global Warming, Greenhouse Effects, and Climate Change: Understanding the Connection & Taking Action

Global Warming, Greenhouse Effects, and Climate Change: Understanding the Connection and Taking Action

Our planet is boiling in anger. No wonder, flowers are blooming earlier and bears have stopped sleeping through the winter! In the oceans, coral reefs are waning and fish stocks are falling. Glaciers are disappearing. Sea levels are rising. Find out how you can help slow down global warming!

Global warming is a big and important topic! It’s when the Earth’s temperature is getting warmer and warmer. This is happening because of things people are doing, like burning fossil fuels and cutting down trees.

These actions release greenhouse gases into the air, which trap heat and make the Earth warmer. Think of it like a blanket around the Earth that keeps the heat inside. This extra heat can cause problems for animals, plants, and people. For example, it can cause more heat waves, hurricanes, and melting of ice in the poles.

But there is good news too! People can help stop global warming by using less energy, recycling, and planting more trees. By taking small steps, we can work together to make the Earth a better place for everyone!

What can we do to slow or stop global warming?

How can global warming be prevented?

Easy and Simple Ways To Stop Global Warming are:

• Plant trees
• Try composting
• Reduce, reuse, recycle
• Turn off the lights, unplug the electronics
• Only do full loads of laundry or put clothes to dry
• Take shorter showers, turn off the tap
• Skip the car ride and use your bike, or take the bus or walk.
• Don’t buy bottled water; drink tap water, and filter it if you like
• Use less paper
• Eat green vegetables and fruits; less meat and processed food.



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