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Global warming predictions for 2050 – How 2050 will danger for human?

How 2050 will danger for human?
Will the earth be uninhabitable by 2050? Looking for global warming predictions 2050?
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Hey Guys! Welcome to Discovery video, and this video is all about travelling to 2050 to see if the Earth is still inhabitable; what-ifs, the effect and consequences of global warming to much more.
When we think of the year 2050, it seems like it will be a very long time from now, and we imagine a very different world, but in reality, it will only be 28 years away, and we already know what will be possible by that time. Let’s see if technology can address our numerous social and environmental issues by 2050.
Nature has been nurturing and mothering us for a very long time. We are destroying the forest, poisoning the water, and setting off more spontaneous fires as a result of our actions.
One of the key agents of change in this century is climate change. It will have a profound, broad-reaching, and multifaceted influence as a result. These include natural disasters and environmental crises, as well as the ensuing geopolitical, economic, health, and humanitarian issues. We are already being suffocated by the rising temperatures, and if this trend keeps up, the Earth or many areas of it will be uninhabitable in the near future.
The innovative technologies we use today were unthinkable ten years ago. In recent years, technology has advanced significantly. The use of AI, IoT technology, self-driving cars, space travel, and other developments are among the most significant. Although there are countless possibilities, there are several amazing ideas that could actually come to pass.
We will eventually stop utilizing fossil fuels and start relying increasingly on renewable energy sources including wind, solar, geothermal, and hydropower. We can already see that every home and structure is being partially modified to produce its own electricity.
This is the objective of the global greening movement. Even though the plantation may appear to have only one goal at first to remove all the extra carbon from the atmosphere, they will undoubtedly contribute to the bigger picture.
Particularly in cities, the atmosphere will change when people return to living on a green earth. Whole streets can be reclaimed for urban agriculture and kid-friendly activities with a lot more trees and fewer cars on the road. Human life expectancy could reach 80 to 89 years in 2050 if we continue down this path. This may appear to be too much work, impractical, or impossible, but it is the only way out for us to preserve Earth habitable for future generations.
So what are your views on this Earth in 2050? Will it be uninhabitable? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
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How 2050 will danger for human?

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