Saturday , May 18 2024
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GS Military: Doomsday Preppers

At GS-Military, our goal is to help spread awareness on prepping and survivalism. Preppers have long been mislabelled and were unfairly given a bad name in mainstream media, and we are committed to change that negative perception. Climate change, devastating pandemics, humanitarian crises are happening each day right before our eyes, and we want to urge the public to not take their current luxuries for granted. The recent pandemic has shown concrete evidence that mankind are just not ready to cope with catastrophic situations, and by leaving it to our world leaders, we are essentially signing our own death sentences.

In this short film, we provide highly-probable near-future scenarios that the human race will have to face, and why it is paramount to our own survival, that we cultivate the idea of prepping and survivalism. As we can learn from the recent virus outbreak, no amount of money, power, government or institution can shield us from the dangers of an emergency, especially when SHTF. Hence, in the end, we can only rely ourselves for our own survival.

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