How NASA Decodes the Secrets of the Arctic

Since 2015, scientists with NASA’s Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) project have been studying how climate change is affecting Arctic and boreal regions. The team is studying permafrost thaw, changes in plant cover, wildfires, shifting animal migration patterns and more. With research aircraft flying over Alaska and northwestern Canada and scientists conducting field experiments on the ground below, ABoVE is collecting data that will help researchers understand how these events are intertwined – and how they are impacted by climate change.

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Katie Jepson (KBRwyle): Lead Producer, Lead Videographer, Editor, Narration
Sofie Bates (KBR): Lead Writer, Videographer
Elizabeth Hoy (GST): Scientist
Peter Griffith (SSAI): Scientist
Franz J. Meyer (University of Alaska Fairbanks): Scientist
Katey Walter Anthony (University of Alaska Fairbanks): Scientist
Alison York (Alaska Fire Science Consortium): Scientist
Jefferson Beck (KBRwyle): Videographer
LK Ward (KBRwyle): Videographer
Kathryn Mersmann (NASA/GSFC): Videographer
Aaron E. Lepsch (ADNET): Technical Support

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