Wednesday , October 4 2023

How Russia will benefit from the global warming? #shorts


As the planet warms and causes a climate crisis in the world, most countries around the world will face negative consequences. However, Russia, the biggest nation in the world, stands to benefit from this crisis.

Here is how Russia will benefit:
1. The land available for Russia will increase. This could make the country an agricultural superpower.
2. Due to snow melting in Russia’s north, new shipping routes will emerge. These new routes will help Asian countries like China and India export their products to Europe and America at a faster and cheaper price, bypassing the Suez Canal.
3. Energy superpower Russia has vast oil and gas deposits in areas under permanent snow cover. Once this snow melts, Russia can tap previously untapped crude reserves.

Why Russia will benefit:
Around 66% of Russia’s lands are under permanent snow cover. Once the planet warms, the snow will melt, opening more land for economic use. A warm climate will benefit Russian farmers.

Do you think Russia will benefit from Global warming?


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