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How To Fight Climate Change

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In this follow-up to my video “You’re Wrong About Climate Change”, I talk solutions and strategies. Should the climate movement be moving away from universal pacifism & towards a position of sabotage & destruction? With so little time left to salvage what we have, I address the harmful view that is “Fatalism” – the idea that we must accept our fate & learn to disappear with grace. A video to inspire hope and hopefully action.

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FATALISM – 00:00
ACTIVISM – 17:35
WREN – 19:42
ACTIVISM – 21:31
HOW TO FIGHT – 43:18
CONCLUSION – 1:10:24

Music by BrentinDavis – https://pixabay.com/users/brentindavis-27911591/?utm_source=link-attribution&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=music&utm_content=115135
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Environmentalist, Futurist, Lightworker, Wannabe naturalist. The way we are treating our world and environment is not going to end well! We need to change course NOW.

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