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Is the world losing fight against climate change?

앞으로 과학자들이 풀어야 할 ‘기후변화’ 질문들

The global climate conference of world leaders held in Egypt in November seemed significantly more muted than previous COP summits which set out ambitious targets to protect our planet.
There was a focus on the promise of innovation and clean technologies as well as the centrality of water and agriculture to the climate crisis
As the year wraps up, we discuss what course of action all countries need to take to quickly transition from a carbon-heavy way of life to sustainability in all aspects.
For this, we connect with: Rick Steiner, Professor and Director of Oasis Earth and Esther Choi, PhD & Associate of World Resources Institute.

1. Dr. Steiner: The recent COP27 Climate Summit was not as quite well publicised and was rather underwhelming for many observers. In what ways did the summit succeed, and in what ways did it fail?

2. Dr. Choi: What was your takeaway from COP27? Did it make any significant progress from the summits in Paris and Glasgow?

3. Dr. Steiner: For some countries, rising sea levels are an existential threat, and the Association of Small Island States expressed concern there were no bolder moves towards the Paris goals. A recent report estimated that 129 billion face masks and 65 billion gloves have been used each month during the pandemic. How threatening are they to the oceans? Has plastics usage worsened during COVID?

4. Dr. Choi: What is the role of World Resources Institute in efforts towards the world’s climate goals?
5. Dr. Steiner: How will changes in biodiversity affect the functioning of ocean ecosystems?

6. Dr. Steiner: What will be the climatic, ecological, and socioeconomic impacts of the seasonal disappearance of sea ice?

7. Dr. Choi: There’s a growing funding gap when it comes to financing climate goals. What course of action should be taken?

8. Dr. Steiner: How do you hope to see world leaders approach marine science and policy?

9. Dr. Choi: What kind of support is needed for low-income countries to go carbon neutral?

Rick Steiner, Professor and Director of Oasis Earth and Esther Choi, PhD & Associate of World Resources Institute: Thanks for your time.

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