Jacob Nordangård – Rockefeller funding in Climate Change – Controlling the Game

We’ve all heard about Big Oil and their alleged part in Climate Change Politics. But you’d be surprised if you knew what happens behind the scenes.

Jacob Nordangård a Swedish independent researcher and author who has studied and written about the complexity of world politics, world governance, problem and solution creating. In this lecture he provides information about the Rockefeller influence in climate research and policies.

His book on the topic is scientific, with documented sources and can be bought via the following link.

Rockefeller – controlling the Game – https://track.adtraction.com/t/t?a=1182145044&as=1322758494&t=2&tk=1&url=https://www.adlibris.com/fi/kirja/rockefeller-controlling-the-game-9789198584301

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