LIVE: The Global Black Experience of Ecocide

Climate Change – The invisible injustice? Join us as we delve into the way in which the Climate and Ecological Emergency is and will continue to disproportionately impact Afrika and Pan-Afrikans. Our amazing guest speakers will also discuss Black action in the long battle for liberation and planet repairs in Afrika.

May is Afrikan Liberation Awareness Month and it is an opportunity to counter Afrikan-targeted racism known as Afriphobia by celebrating Pan-Afrikan Resistance: knowledge and culture in a system that negates Afrikan humanity, displaces countless Afrikan People from their ancestral Homeland and robs us of our true heritage.

Continuing injustices and denial of rights of indigenous peoples are part of the long legacy of colonialism. Parallel processes of exploitation and injustice can be identified in relation to non-human species and/or aspects of the natural environment.

International law can address some extreme examples of the crimes and harms of colonialism through the idea and legal definition of genocide, but the intimately related notion of ecocide that applies to nature and the environment is not yet formally accepted within the body of international law.

In the context of this special issue reflecting on the development of green criminology, there is a need to explore connections between ecocide, genocide, capitalism and colonialism and impacts on indigenous peoples and on local and global ecosystems

Our talks will celebrate Pan-Afrikanism, address the ways in which the Climate and Ecological Emergency is decimating the continent of Africa and empower activists to fight for those regions most affected by Climate Change and the people on the front line of the Climate Emergency.

This is a great opportunity to showcase Pan-Afrikan internationalist solidarity, engage in the climate debate and honour the achievements of Malcolm X in Afrikan Liberation Awareness Month.

We would love for you to join us on the journey to deeper understanding, cohesion and rebellion.

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