Tuesday , May 21 2024
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New Mexico Solve Climate by 2030 – Power Dialog

4.7.20: Power Dialogs In Every State

To focus Americans on state-level and local solutions, the Center for Environmental Policy at Bard College organized simultaneous “power dialog” webinars, one in every state in the country, plus Washington, DC and Puerto Rico. On April 7, we heard from climate solutions experts in Idaho, Tennessee, Minnesota, Florida and New Mexico and across the nation about ambitious but feasible actions that could happen soon in their state to get on track to solving climate by 2030.

Faculty at all levels and across the curriculum can assign viewing of the webinars recorded as homework, and then spend the next class discussing climate solutions. This opportunity is not just for environmental studies classes. The challenges posed by solving climate change necessarily range across history, science, business, culture, economics, psychology, religion, government, media, journalism and the arts. Solve Climate has disciplinary guides for follow-up discussion for the state-level, solutions-focused webinars. (http://www.solveclimateby2030.org/)

New Mexico’s speakers were:
Noah Long from NRDC
Yang Toledo from YUCCA
Abraham Ellis from Sandia National Laboratory

Moderated by Dr. Dave DuBois and Allison Jenks from NMSU

Technical support by David Chavez from NMSU

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