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*Students protest for climate change*
“Look this is the river which I used to swim at my young ages” my grandfather recollected his memories. I queried him “How long will the water remain there?”
“Almost all over the year, may be the water flow will be lesser for two months in the summer season” he answered. “How many days does it last now, grandpa?”I asked out of curiosity. “Only a few days in the two months of rainy season. When I was a little child like you, the river was the base for all of our water needs. Nowadays the rain is not enough. And people go for sightseeing if the river is full as it is very rare.” he sighed. I am studying in Singapore and went to India for vacation in November 2019. The river I was talking about is the Sinnaaru which is in the village called Anganur, Tamilnadu, India.
When I think about the climate change essay, I called to my mind the above conversation and it raises many questions. Many youths may have stories like this. Why are there this much of changes in the nature within fifty years? What will I show to the upcoming generations if this continues? Are we buying a painting by selling our eyes? What are all the reasons behind this problem? It may be climate change as a result of the thoughtless acts of humans.
Let’s have a fast overlook of that. More greenhouse gases (GHG) traps the re-radiated heat to escape from our atmosphere which increases the earth’s temperature.


Major sources of GHG are:
• Burning fossil fuels like oil and coal
• Some agricultural and industrial activities
• Deforestation
By such human deeds, the glaciers are melting, lakes and rivers are drying up and a millions of animals are homeless. People are continuing these in the name of future generation development by destroying nature drastically but it provokes the uncertainty of future.
Hearing the overexploitation of nature, depressed Greta Thunberg started the school climate strikes at her age of fifteen in 2018 and became an activist. Her daring speeches and protesting videos went viral in the social media and drew attention of many people. Her one-person strike stimulated more students and grew as a global claim.
The #fridaysforfuture began as a movement and proceeds actively for fighting against the ecological crisis. Students in more than 100 countries walked out of school to protest climate emergency. The United Nations started Youth Climate Summit for the first time in September 2019, as a platform for young climate action leaders.


The protest had been travelling so far and needs to be heard by many people to make a difference. Here are some ideas for young people to follow:
 We should make awareness about climate catastrophe as an unavoidable everyday element through posters, videos, advertisements in all media including television.
 We should conduct more workshops, competitions, pledge making and other activities to reach more students as well as people in both the school and society levels.
 We should figure out the countries which emit more GHG and coordinate the students from that country to stage more campaigns to create better awareness.
 The youths should use the public transportation like train which will also change their parent’s mindset.
 We should practise and encourage planting trees as much as possible which can reduce the GHG effects.
 We should eat the natural food products instead of the processed ones which could control the food processing procedures, the resources and the emissions.
 We must make more consciousness about the 3 R’s Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle by being ourselves a role model.
 We should promote the renewable energy among people.

We must be awaken right now with no time delay, to reduce more frequent and intense drought, storms, heat waves, rising sea levels, shrinking glaciers, warming oceans and increasing temperature. Otherwise we will make our earth unsuitable for living with our own hands. The climate can change, can we?

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