Thursday , May 23 2024
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NINTH ONLINE STRIKE FOR THE CLIMATE Forest are absolutely vital to life on Eart…


Forest are absolutely vital to life on Earth, creating clean fresh air for us to breathe, maintaining our water cycles, and nourishing millions of species of wildlife. •
Forests Clean Water.
Did you know that you have the forest to thank for that too? The leaves on trees absorb rainfall and slowly release it into the soil, where it is filtered underground and eventually released into nearby lakes, reservoirs, and rivers. •
Forests Help in the Fight Against Climate Change!
CO₂ is one of the greenhouse gases responsible for speeding up climate change. And what’s helping to slow it down? Forests!
Like we said earlier, trees help absorb the CO₂ we breathe out, and when you have a whole bunch of trees together, their CO₂ absorbing powers get stronger! Forests are so good at absorbing CO₂ that they are the second largest carbon “sink” in the world, meaning they absorb more CO₂ from the atmosphere than they release. When it comes to the fight against climate change, we’re glad we have forests on our side.

Forests Give Us a Way of Life.
Forests aren’t just important to plants and animals, they also provide jobs to almost a million people (directly and indirectly) across the country! For engineers, foresters, biologists, skilled tradespeople and many others, it just makes sense to make sure forests are kept healthy and managed sustainably. And on top of the many jobs forests give us, they also provide us with lumber for building things and fiber for making things like paper.
– From: EarthRangers

Forests are indispensable for our survival on this planet, let’s not forget ????????????????????

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