Pan Afrikanism and Climate Change Online Mini-Series Trailer

African Voices Forum (AVF), XR Internationalist Solidarity Network, XR Bristol, XR Youth UK are forming a very special partnership to engage and empower during Afrikan Liberation Awareness Month (ALAM)
ALAM is commemorated in May on a global scale. It is an opportunity to counter Afrikan targeting racism known as Afriphobia by celebrating Pan-Afrikan Resistance, knowledge and culture in a system that negates Afrikan humanity, displaces countless Afrikan People from their ancestral Homeland and robs us of our true heritage.
In the midst of a Climate and Ecological Emergency formations of Indigenous Peoples, like the Pan-Afrikan Movement and other Communities of Resistance as well as Women and Youth must be in the lead of the fight for Planet Repairs in the Global South.
For this we have put together an online mini-series to discuss strengthening globally coordinated action as Afrikans with the solidarity of our allies in the fight to Stop Ecocide and Genocide; by way of institutionalising Planet Repairs at the local, national and international level.This is what is meant by the Pan-Afrikan demand for MAATUBUNTUMAN in UBUNTUDUNIA.
8th May – 6-7.30pm The Global Black Experience of Ecocide
16th May – 6-7.30pm Youth In Action and Decolonising Planet Repairs
25th May – 6-7.30pm Women’s Voices, Pan-Afrikan Lense
African Voices Forum –
XR ISN – + @XR_Iternationalist_Solidarity
XR Youth UK – + @XrYouth_UK
XR Bristol – + @XrBristol

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